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Monday, April 21, 2014

Nudist Dating / 7 tips for Newbie Nudist

Nudism can be liberating and fun. Here are some tips for the Newbie Nudist.

If you’re already a naturist or you want to give it a try then team up with some new friends by joining a nudist dating site.  It’ll help you overcome those newcomer nerves on your first outing if you’ve already broken the ice online.

You know those infamous adult magazine letters that start out “I never thought this would happen to me, BUT….” Well, I never thought I would become a nudist. Not in a million body-conscious years. As a journalist I had covered events at my charming local nudist resort Cypress Cove (my personal favorite was the year they had a benefit in which they donated their clothes to the homeless) and while I always enjoyed myself I never thought I’d join in.

Last year, though, when I was invited by Barbara and Dean Hadley, owners of Cypress Cove, to participate in the record-setting skinny dip event I went for it. After all, what was I doing with my time that could be better than helping set a Guinness World Record…naked?

The event was fun, funny, exciting and had a great community spirit about it – I’m thrilled to have taken part. Here are some tips for the budding naturist:

1. Practice. If you’re as self-conscious as I was, start out early and give yourself some time to ease into the idea of being nude around strangers. Lose your garments one item at a time over the course of however long it takes you to feel comfortable. Once you’ve totally stripped, after about an hour, you probably won’t want to get dressed again. 

2. You are not alone.  Remember, it’s not as though you’re the only nudie here. Everyone else is naked. They will not notice anything about you that you don’t notice about them.

3. Sun screen. You’re exposing parts of yourself that may never have been sun-kissed before. Be careful with them.

4. Sun glasses. You will steal glances at other people’s pieces-parts, not out of lechery; you just won’t be able to help it. Be discreet.

6. Towel. As Douglas Adams would say, always know where this is.

7. Addiction. Swimming naked in the pools at Cypress Cove was so glorious – gliding through the cool, refreshing water, getting out of the pool and having balmy breezes covering me instead of a wet, clingy swimsuit – that it became quite a serious habit last summer. If you enjoy it as much as I did you could have a new love for life…or at least a summer fling.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Nudists Friends, Nudist Singles, Nudist Dating is a niche web site intended for nudists who are looking for others who share nudist lifestyle. Some folks associate nudism with sex or pornography, but that is nut true for serious nudists, or naturalists, who believe in living in simple harmony with nature. They believe the body is a beautiful, natural wonder and there is no reason to hide it.

Nudists are a small subset of the population, which makes finding similar-minded people difficult. The topic of nudism is also hard to approach when speaking to a new acquaintance. Having a profile on a more mainstream website would subject the nudist to possible ridicule or the embarrassment of having an unknowing friend or co-worker discover their secret interest.

This site is an easy way to screen people who might not understand the nudist lifestyle. The only folks on the site are other nudists, so there is no need to feel awkward about the lifestyle. The site is also confidential, so the only people who will know you’re a member will be other nudists.

It’s an easy, free process to begin. Just fill in the profile form and search your heart out for nudists around the world. Full contact with other members requires a paid membership.

The site has current news on nudism, member blogs, nudist forums, dating advice for the naturist, nude beach advice, and member chat rooms. Members may also form groups for local gatherings and group outings for things like skinny dipping.

It makes sense for a person who is comfortable with their lifestyle to seek others who share the same interests and values. It’s an efficient way to eliminate unsuitable people and zero in on those with whom you’re likely to have common interests. A niche social site for a unique group of people is an idea whose time has come.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Get The Most Out Of Nudist Dating On-line By means of Some of these Guidelines

4 Hints To Help You Achieve The Most Out Of A Nudist Online Dating Portal

Your nudist online dating site of choice will offer you the opportunity to connect with some other nudists single people online for entertainment along with romance. The more benefits you can make full use of, the sooner you will have results for your labour. Here you have several pointers which may help you take full advantage of your own nudist online dating service.

1. Free Sample Period That Has Total Functionality Regarding The Profile

Almost every nudist dating site will provide an absolutely free trial period so you have nothing to lose in evaluating any out. Your free trial provides you with the opportunity to try out the functions, along with your very own ad.

2. Find out how many nudist singles use this nudist dating website near you

Once you've got designed your individual description you set about looking the naturist personals. This may provide you with a solid idea of how many bare singles use the nudist online dating service, and then you can observe just what amount take their very own online dating seriously.
What percentage of the nudist men and women in your neighborhood have a photo on their page. If only handful of members have published their photo then you will have an idea if you're going to meet up with someone, and start a partnership via the internet.

3. Toy with your actual nudist personal advertisement

It's possible to up load several snapshot so move all of them each day or two so you're able to find out which image gets you the best response. While you are utilizing your free trial offer you won't be capable to post email messages so the more connection you will get by using a good image the more you will enjoy your trial period. It is possible to mail flirts on your trial, however these almost never get answered for that reason you shouldn't evaluate a dating platform on the reply rate to them.

4. Create a Nudist dating site blog

If you're able to develop a blog on your naked adult dating site then make one that various other nudist members will certainly visit. This might give you much more coverage which means that your contact efficiency will improve. You'll make more friends as well if you happen to make a blog.
The better exposure you obtain within your free trial offer the greater you'll have an idea that the nudist online dating website you've selected is the selection for you.